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The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle Solved?

I watched part of a program last night about ocean currents (1) and was made aware of the strong Venturi (jet) effect created by the water flow constriction between Florida and the Bahamas (2) heading north into the Triangle in the Atlantic.

This caused some bells to ring and thoughts to coalesce.

From previous studies of global warming and the ocean conveyor (3) I know that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) rises into our atmosphere from buried deep in the oceans, and is a cause - or, above a specific volume, the key cause - of global warming. And falling CO2 into our oceans is a cause - or, beyond a specific volume, the key cause - of global cooling (4).

So, it occurs to me that the five major mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle could be caused by:

Ships Disappearing
Ships cannot float when the density or buoyancy of the water they float in cannot support their weight. Too much gas (CO2) in the water would cause ships to sink, rapidly. I've heard this theory before. It's based on a simple law in physics - Archimedes' principle of buoyancy (5).

No Hands on Deck - Ships with No Passengers
Carbon Dioxide could also be the reason that ships are found with no humans on board. Should there be enough CO2 around the ship, but perhaps not enough to sink it, the passengers might panic thinking that it's some form of poison gas or sickness in the air and simply jump overboard to escape it. They might then just sink because they weigh more than the surrounding water containing CO2, or they may then find themselves with no way to get back aboard later. I don't remember if I've heard this theory before. But it's possible.

Pilot Spacial Disorientation
Pilot disorientation could also be caused by air that has too much CO2 or other gaseous contamination.

Magnetic and Gyro Compass Irregularities
We know from measuring air contaminants that there can be all sorts of metals in the air at any given time. It could also be that air pollutants don't behave exactly like meteorologists predict prevailing air movements, and that high volumes of pollution end up moving south-east toward the Atlantic Ocean, which could then at times effect magnetic compass headings. And if this pollution mixes with CO2 both compasses could be effected. It could also be that, at times, due to the dissolved contaminants in the gulf stream (from the Mississippi River and or Gulf oil seepage) coupled with the Florida/Bermuda venturi effect, that large volumes of iron or ferrous metals are atomized into available CO2 in the Triangle, effecting both compass headings.

Electronic and or Magnetic Fog
Contaminated or electrically charged fog might stay with a plane because it's attracted to the electro-magnetics created by the onboard electrical or electronic systems. I think I've heard this theory before.

Recorded Time and Space Abnormalities
No theory.

Diane Richardson

Note 1: National Geographic.

Note 2: The Venturi effect -

Note 3, 4: The Ocean Conveyor flows north-west to the Gulf of Mexico, from south of Cuba, then east around the Gulf, then south-east around Florida, then north up the Florida coast with a strong venturi effect in the gap between Florida and the Bahamas (2) into the Triangle.;;

Note 5:

List of Bermuda Triangle incidents:

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