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Solving the West Coast Water Problem, and Many Other Related Problems

Message sent to Department of The Interior, via White House, June 29, 2018

Dear Secretary Zinke,

A good solution to the low water problems at Lake Mead and through the Colorado River has been long known by many, including the Governor of California -- because I informed him of such years ago. But the problem remains. Perhaps it was shelved by him and Obama for some political reason.

Briefly described here from memory, although more descriptive details exist in letters, and in petitions on, would also reduce large-scale multi-state flooding of the Mississippi River and reduce silt deposits into the Gulf of Mexico which exacerbate hurricane flood damage to New Orleans and Gulf Coast locations, and create low oxygen problems for fish and sea creatures.

The simple solution is to reroute upper west tributaries of the Mississippi from easterly to westerly directions on the best paths to the mentioned locations in need.

This would make a great infrastructure project that could be supported by several states, private businesses and the federal government, headed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Another project that is quite doable is fixing the New Orleans flooding problem, using the method I have outlined here -- . This page also has a link to the Mississippi River flooding solution.

In a second submission, I added:

In addition to the benefits described below, I suggest that by adding more water to the West Coast moisture and evaporation levels increase, which should create more rain clouds that winds will spread to reduce forest fires and help farmers throughout the West and Central Plains.


Diane Richardson

New Orleans
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